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The problem

Robots are incredibly useful, but setting them up is complex and labor-intensive. The diverse hardware requirements lead to high integration costs and limit knowledge transfer across different setups. This limits your access to the latest technology in robotics.

The solution

Transform your robotic integration with our hardware-independent software. We support universal deployment across different robots without needing specific manufacturer languages. Embrace simplicity with our Python and C++ compatible API, and join a vast community leveraging GitHub, Docker, and ROS Robot Operating System for seamless code sharing.


Robotics is not easy

We make it easy

🤖 Unified Hardware Interactions

CobotHub's unified API simplifies hardware interactions, eliminating dependency and compatibility issues.

🚀 Plug & Play

Effortless deployment for any supported robot, even for programmers new to robotics, unlocking unmatched flexibility.

🔄 Language Flexibility

Our API supports Python and C++, freeing users from manufacturer-specific language constraints.

🤝 Seamless Sharing

Simple collaboration in robotics projects through standardized interfaces


Hardware independence

Cobothub tackles a major challenge in robotics: diverse hardware configurations. Our breakthrough solution enables robotic applications to run hardware-independently, abstracting the hardware layer for seamless interaction with any robot. Our user-friendly API, built on the foundation of ROS Robot Operating System for seamless code sharing. and compatible with Python and C++, facilitates effortless deployment on any supported robot.

Replication of existing solutions

CobotHub tackles robotic challenges by unifying hardware interactions through our API and utilizing Docker to encapsulate diverse dependencies. This approach simplifies the replication of existing solutions, keeping you at the cutting edge of AI and robotics. Our platform is designed to be seamless and accessible, ensuring that the latest advancements are easily attainable by the broader community.

Collaboration and Sharing

In the dynamic world of robotics, success relies on easy collaboration and sharing. Cobothub simplifies sharing via GitHub, integrates components seamlessly, and empowers effortless deployment on any supported hardware, eliminating dependency concerns. This collaborative ecosystem allows you to access the wealth of knowledge and advancements from the ROS Robot Operating System for seamless code sharing. community.


Cobothub simplifies robotics development by enabling effortless app sharing, seamless device operation, and component integration. It also streamlines commissioning, reducing time and costs with a modular approach for diverse robot applications. Our API supports Python and C++, making robotics accessible without the need for specialized expertise or languages.
Cobothub introduces a unique feature through its API in Python and C++, enabling value creation without specific robot or programming language expertise. Users can effortlessly deploy applications without specialized knowledge, and even for customizations, a developer with Python or C++ skills is sufficient!
In essence, Cobothub makes it possible to use any robot. Our current supported robots include Franka Panda, Franka FR3, UR5, and EC66. Additionally, users can integrate custom hardware, given its compatibility with ROS Robot Operating System .
No, unlike other providers, we rely on your expertise. There are no restrictions in programming; our libraries are currently compatible with both C++ and Python. The only limitation lies in the use of Docker.
We will offer ready-to-use robotics skills that can be flexibly expanded and complemented with custom functions. Depending on the license, these skills can also be offered on our marketplace.
Support depends on the license model and, especially, the provider of the respective robotic application. Additionally, full access to the community is available.
We have a planned licensing model. The fundamental functions (basic skills) provided by us are free and open source. Costs for robotic applications not offered by us may vary depending on the respective provider.




Thomas Schmid

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Timo Schwarzer

Master's degree with 10+ years of professional experience in software development including 5 years in Robotics and artificial intelligence.



David Le Duy

BSc in business informatics and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Software Engineering.


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